Baluster straight curly 001 (№ БНПФ.001)

Baluster straight curly 001
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Baluster straight curly - functional element for the protection and styling: balconies, terraces, porches and stairwells.
painted balusters (the color of 10-year warranty)
      - For the first time on the market
      - The surface is treated anti-corrosion coating and covered with Italian powder paint that allows the buyer does not get their hands dirty with the purchase and transportation
      - The product is ready for installation (no need to degrease, primed and painted the product). Due to the special processing does not rust in storage and operation
      - A wide choice of colors: black, white and silver
      - 7 years warranty
unpainted balusters
    - Fully prepared for painting
    - Allow to take into account the stylistic features of your interior / exterior and personal color preferences
important advantages
1) Size balusters allows economically expend material.
2) baluster 9 cm width, distance between the products should be less than 15 cm. Thus, it is necessary to lower product area equivalent
3) Easy installation / dismantling products. You do not need to resort to paid services welders and purchase special equipment, as production is mounted on screws, which are included in the kit. balusters can be welded if desired.
4) Due to the compact packaging products it does not take up much space and is easy to store and deliver
Width - 90 mm
Thickness - 2 mm
Length - 800 mm
Weight - 0.51 kg
Material - steel, GOST 103-76
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